Endpoint Management

Photo-Thermal Stimulating PASCAL TreatmentsEndpoint Management

Endpoint Management combined with Landmark Patterns allow physicians to treat with confidence and control while offering less-damaging laser treatments.

  • Less damaging retinal treatment using advanced algorithms
  • Flexibility and control with visible and non-visible treatment options
  • Treat with confidence using visible reference points with Landmark technology
  • Increase patient comfort with faster treatment times of .01 s vs .30 s per spot compared┬áto other
    sub-visible technologies

These images show a 4 x 4 grid using Endpoint Management. The red dots on the grid represent Landmark reference points (set by visible titration) while yellow dots represent Endpoint management, delivering laser energy at a reduced percentage of the set Landmark power. Using Endpoint Management with Landmark Technology provides the patient with less damaging retinal treatment while allowing full control and visibility of laser delivery.

What is Endpoint Management?

Interview with an Expert | Professor Paolo Stanga


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